Most frequent questions and answers

Iran, for the longest time, has been run by a theocracy. This means that there is a supreme position for a person who is going to lead the people and the country to the direction that he wants. It is a life tenure, meaning that the position will be held by that same person until the day that he passed away.

It is written in the constitution of Iran that there is the sovereignty of God. This is about the position of Supreme Leader who will take the lead from the day he dies. The sovereignty of God is not bad at all. It is the acceptance of the will of God in doing whatever He pleases. But the distortion of this theological position makes Iran suffer from democracy.

Human rights are always being violated every day by a lot of countries from different parts of the world. Iran is no different. Our website visitors will attest to the fact that Iranians are getting oppressed with their rights as people and as citizens of Iran. This Democratic Initiative will greatly help the people of Iran as well as its relationship with its neighboring countries.

Have you ever helped someone without the need to get something in return? Directly, we do not need to get something back to help the people of Iran. The mere pleasure of knowing that their rights are not being opposed is good enough to support the initiative. Indirectly, Iran will have a better relationship with other countries. More laws will be established that will help internal issues as well as external concerns.

We are proposing a campaign to give more care for women, children, and senior citizens. They are not receiving the rights that are due them. Political prisoners should also be released. One way to alleviate tensions in international relations is to give back the prisoners from their native countries and let their governments deal with them.

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