What Are the Benefits of Democracy?

libertyWe build a website for the democratic initiative in Iran because we believe that the true meaning of democracy should be felt by its people. Although the constitution of Iran has been changed and amended to be a combination of theocracy and democracy, the latter is still yet to be felt and experienced consistently by the people of Iran.

Democracy is an amazing form of government because it gives the power back to the people. The direction of the country is not only from the mind of one person but it is through the votes and decision of the majority of people who are living in the country and have proven themselves worthy to have the rights and privileges given only to the citizens.

What are the benefits of democracy that should be felt by the people of Iran?

It Protects the Interest of the People

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. When the power to run the whole country is given to one or a few persons, sometimes, they tend to corrupt the leaders. It is quite tempting to hold that much power. The unlimited resources and the wealth that you can accumulate while leading the country can be reasons enough for autocracy or oligarchy to turn the country into chaos and turmoil. It is best to give the power back to the people. Their interests are protected and their rights will not be trampled in a democratic government.

It Creates Equalityequality

No citizen is left behind in a democracy. Although democracy is far from perfect, it is quite different from other forms of government because the voice of the people is being heard. The representatives should listen to this voice or else, they will be removed from power. Through democracy, equality is promoted in the country. Everyone is being heard. No matter who you are or the amount of wealth that you have, your voice is still as important as the next person. If you want to speak for online shops like Lazada and Zalora, this is fine. If you think that there should be better laws for country tours like Amsterdam city trips, you can say this to your elected officials.